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Lifetime Coverage

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Guaranteed Cash Value​​

$5,000 - $50,000 Coverage

No Exams​​​​

Riders for your Children & Grandchildren​​
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What Does Final Expense​ Insurance Provide?
Our Commitment
​FLIG is committed to finding top quality, "A" Rated carriers to meet your Final Expense Whole Life Insurance needs.
We specialize in finding low cost, non-exam policies for any pre-existing condition.
Policy Features
  • Money for your funeral.
  • Peace of mind for you and your family.
  • Funds for surviving dependents.
  • Payment for outstanding debts. 

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What Types of Policies are Available?

​​Preferred Policies
Designed for clients with minor health issues such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol that are controlled with prescription medications or diet and exercise. These plans will have the lowest cost and will pay an immediate death benefit equal to 100% of your coverage amount without a 2 year waiting period. These policies are available without an exam.

Standard Policies
These plans will also pay 100% of your death benefit without a 2 year waiting period. This is our most popular plan and most people will qualify for this coverage. These plans will accept clients that have had heart attacks, stroke, cancer, insulin dependent diabetes and many other issues. Standard plans are very affordable and are also available without an exam. Use our final expense calculator above to compare rates from top rated carriers.

Guaranteed Issue​​ Policies
There are no health questions to answer to qualify for these plans.​ The benefit paid in years one and two are limited to a return of all premiums paid plus additional interest that will range from 10% to 20%. At the end of year 2 the policy will pay 100% of your death benefit and will continue to do this for the remainder of the policy. Ideal for clients that are currently dealing with major health issues such as kidney disease with dialysis, cancer or that have had organ transplants.
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