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Term Life Insurance with Critical Illness | Heart Attack | Stroke | Cancer

“I recently purchased a home and wanted to protect my young family with a mortgage protection plan that will pay my mortgage balance if I died. FLIG showed me a no exam 30 year term product with $250,000 of coverage and critical illness benefits that will also provide money if I’m ever diagnosed with cancer, stroke, heart attack or have a major organ transplant. My wife is very happy with our purchase.”

-Steve Ujvagi

Great Savings with High Deductible Medicare Plan

“I am a healthy senior that was paying $155 per month for my Medicare Supplement for three years. I never used the benefits because I was never sick. I saw information about the “high deductible plan F on the Family Life Insurance Group website and called. My payment is now $46 per month on the high deductible plan, saving me over $100 per month!

-Teresa Farmer

Final Expense | No Waiting Period | No Exam | Guaranteed Issue

“I take insulin for diabetes and also have diabetic nerve pain in my feet (neuropathy). I also had a stroke three years ago and take a blood thinner, Plavix. I was previously turned down by one insurance company and offered a policy that included a two year wait by another company. After I completed the Quote Request an agent at Family Life Insurance Group called and was able to get me approved for a policy with no waiting period at very affordable prices”

-Marilyn Rhodes

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Our Commitment

​FLIG is committed to finding top quality, "A" Rated carriers to meet your Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance and Medicare Supplement needs. We specialize in finding low cost, non-exam policies for any pre-existing condition including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer and COPD.
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